Local Upcoming Events
LVSG monthly meeting

Date: Tuesday 9th Oct 2018
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: Gippsland Multi-Cultural Centre, 100 Buckley St Morwell

LVSG monthly meeting

Date: Tuesday 13th Nov 2018
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: Gippsland Multi-Cultural Centre, 100 Buckley St Morwell

Mission Statement
The LVSG will endeavour to educate, guide and assist residents and businesses of the Greater Latrobe Valley region
in attaining a community with economic growth and a sustainable way of life for now and into the future.

Who are we?
The Latrobe Valley Sustainability Group is a grass roots citizens’ group dedicated to encouraging the acceptance and understanding of the principles of Sustainability by the wider community.

We use as our focus the idea that human induced climate change affects the whole planet, but solutions to it are only to be found when all of Earth’s citizens take responsibility at a local level for how they use resources.

We believe that the transition from fossil fuel based energy to energy derived from renewable sources is a matter of urgency. We are aware that if greenhouse gases are allowed to increase, modern society will not be able to continue with the quality of life we enjoy at the present. Alternative, sustainable and renewable means of producing our energy and material needs must be developed as a matter of urgency.


Please sign our petition: Latrobe City Council, RISE FOR CLIMATE




Congratulations LVSG Winner of Environment Victoria 2016 Community Environment Recognition Award

L to R: Dan, Lorraine & Nicholas Aberle

Major Upcoming Events
Rise for Climate 2018
Date: 8th September 2018
Time: 10.30am - 12.30pm
Venue: Victory Park Rotunda, Traralgon
Information about the event: Across the world Rise For Climate 350.org rallies are calling for climate action on 8th September, and Latrobe Valley is part of it. 

Latrobe Valley Sustainability Group invites you to Victory Park Traralgon at 10.30am on Saturday 8th September 2018. 

This is the grassroots community asking local government for grassroot action.
Let everyone know you are not happy
Come to hear speakers
Join the photoshoot
Bring banners  (slogans: Rise for Climate, Climate Action Now, Do It For The Kids, Clear Science/Clean Energy, Fair & Just Transition, Carbon Budget is Blown)

RSVP for this peaceful demonstration on https://actionnetwork.org/events/rise-for-climate-latrobe
Sustainable House Day 2018

Date: 16th September 2018
Time: Variable
Venue: Visit website for more information
Information about the event: For more than 17 years, Sustainable House Day has provided a great opportunity for hundreds of thousands of people to visit some of Australia’s leading green homes – ones that are not only environmentally friendly, but cheaper to run and more comfortable to live in.

Sustainable House Day gives visitors a chance to inspect firsthand houses that have been designed, built or renovated with sustainability in mind as well as the opportunity to talk to owners and receive unbiased advice. Register here to attend Sustainable House Day on Sunday 16th September 2018 and to receive information in advance of the day. Once you have registered there is no need to register in subsequent years. (house addresses will only be displayed in full 2 weeks prior to the open day)

More information here: https://sustainablehouseday.com/about-shd/

National Bird Week 2018

Date: Monday 22nd and 28th October 2018
Time: variable
Venue: Visit website for information
Information about the event: The celebration of National Bird Week has its origins back in the early 1900s when 28 October was first designated by our predecessor, the Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union, as the first ‘Bird Day’. BirdLife Australia organises and promotes Bird Week with the goal of inspiring Australians to take action and get involved in bird conservation efforts.

More info here: http://birdlife.org.au/get-involved/whats-on/bird-week